My Portfolio

   After the bootcamp, I wanted to keep practicing what I’ve learned. While taking online courses and applying for jobs, I built this portfolio, to tell you a bit more about who I am and how I think.

   I saw no good reason for this website to have a backend, and the engineer in me likes to go for the simplest option that does the job. For this reason, this website is pure HTML and CSS. I chose not to use Bootstrap in order to force myself to do all the styling from scratch, which settled what the two biggest challenges should be: how to most efficiently organise the styling and making the pages responsive. The buttons to proceed to the next or previous projects were not included in my first envisioning of the page and came into my mind while I was wondering how to promote a better user flow.

   To give it the personal touch any portfolio should have, I decided to put my love for drawing into use, to produce the drawings found in the "Home" and “About” pages.

   You’re looking at the result! I hope you enjoy it :)

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